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Gift Articles - Christmas Gift Ideas

Why is Christmas so important


Some mistakenly think that December 25th was the day Christ was born. The honest truth is that no one is exactly sure when Christ was born. The Bible is strangely silent on the issue!


Many Roman Catholics would like to point to Pope Liberius, who in 354 A.D. decreed Christmas to be celebrated December 25th. In reality it was the Roman Emperor, Constantine who declared December 25th to be Christ's birthday in the year 336 A.D. What was his reason for this? It was based on political pressure! Many zealous church members urged the decree.

Why December 25th? That day was already observed as a heathen holiday..."THE FEAST OF SATURN, BIRTHDAY OF THE UNCONQUERED SUN." This pagan feast began two weeks of festivities which included feasting, drinking, abstention from work, special musical presentations and the exchanging of gifts.

You will remember that Constantine was the first "Christian" emperor of the Roman Empire. As a result Constantine gave full support to Christianity and proclaimed it the official religion of the Empire. It is said he even ordered his army to ride on horseback through a river to "baptize" them into Christianity. It was Constantine's desire to "Christianize" December 25th so that people would not have to lose a holiday and could honor Christ, the Light Of The World instead of the pagan god Saturn and the Sun!

You can see December 25th is a MIXED BAG. It is NOT the day that makes Christmas Important!!!


Where did the name "Christmas" come from? It comes from the Latin "Christes Masse" of Christ's Mass. This grew out of the Roman Catholic feast day by that name in the A.D. 1 00's. "Christmas" is not found in the Bible, nor is it a prescribed scriptural holy day.


This "Jolly Old Wit" never existed. How did we get him then? Well, it took a lot of beating around the bush actually. Here's how it goes . . . There was a churchman named Nicholas in Myra, which is in Asia Minor. He lived in the A.D. 300's. Not a lot is known about Nicholas, except he gave his possessions to the poor children in his parish. He was "sainted" supposedly because he brought two children back to life who had been viciously murdered. ln medieval times he was the Roman Catholic Patron Saint of children, merchants and seafarers.

St. Nicholas had a special day December 6th, which coincided with an ancient Roman Holiday at which time secret gifts were given. I have been unable to find any information revealing when this Roman tradition of secret gift giving was transferred to Christmas day with "Saint Nick" regarded as the giver. But it seems that the transition took place in Colonial American times.

We do know the Dutch brought him to the American Colonies as "Sante Niklass" . . shortened and run together, forming SanteKlas or Santa Claus as we say it today. Dutch children expected the friendly fellow to visit them on the eve of December 5th and would place their wooden shoes in front of the fireplace to be filled with goodies by the next morning.

The belief that Santa Claus enters the house through the chimney developed from an old Norse legend. The Norse believed that the pagan goddess Hertha appeared in the fireplace and brought good luck to the home.

It was not until relatively recently that our present day Santa Claus really developed as we know him. In 1822 an American minister named Clement C. Moore first described Santa complete with fur-trimmed suit and his reindeer powered sleigh, for his children in a poem called "A Visit From St. Nicholas." In 1823, at the bidding of friends, Moore published his poem calling it "THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS" in the Troy, New York Sentinel. This well loved poem is the foundation of our present day Santa Claus.

As interesting as the Santa Claus is, and the history surrounding him, it is NOT SANTA that makes Christmas important!


There are many interesting traditions that surround the Christmas season. You could write an entire book on them. I want to consider just a few of them and explain their origin.


An early Roman ritual was to exchange green tree branches on January 1. They believed this would bring them good luck.

The Scandinavian people once worshipped evergreen trees. They believed godlike spirits inhabited them so people brought trees into their homes to please the spirits and seek their blessing. When the Gospel of Christ reached the Scandinavian people they made the evergreen tree part of their Christian Festivals.

The Old Testament prophet Jeremiah also mentions ancient pagans making idols out of trees and worshipping them. in Jeremiah 10:3-5. This is a reference to Asherah poles, not the "Christmas" tree.

But how did the "Christmas Tree" get to where it is today? Germans are responsible for bringing the Christmas tree to the New World. The German theologian and reformer Martin Luther (14831546) was perhaps the one who popularized the "Christmas Tree" as we know it. The tale goes . . . One clear, brisk Christmas Eve, Martin Luther was walking home under the starstudded sky. It was so wonderful. As he walked he tried to think how he could catch the beauty of that eve and bring it home to his children. Suddenly he thought of a large evergreen tree gleaming with candles. He proceeded to find a tree, cut it down and take it home to decorate it. His children were delighted.

Hence we have the beginnings of our modern day "Christmas Tree" with all the trimmings.

As interesting and beautiful as Christmas Trees are, they are NOT the reason Christmas is important!


No one seems to know how it became a part of Christmas. Originally it was a pagan symbol of erotic passions. Ancient Celtic, Druid Priests (witches of sorts) used it as a charm to symbolize erotic passions.

Primitive Britons thought it possessed magical healing properties, while early Romans regarded mistletoe as a symbol of peace and goodwill.

Somehow from all of this came our modern custom that a woman passing under it should be kissed and if unmarried it was a sign that she was soon to marry.

This certainly is NOT what makes Christmas important!


It was the ancient custom of the Norse and Anglo-Saxons to burn a huge oak log once a year in honor of "THOR -- God Of Thunder. "When these people were reached with the Gospel of Salvation in Christ Jesus, they "Christianized" this custom and made it a part of their Christmas, Yuletide traditions.

There IS more to Christmas than burning a big log ... surely!


Are these little jewels what makes Christmas special? This year Americans will spend close to $1 billion on the cards and another $500 million for mailing them! Wow . . . ouch! Yet it was not until 1 865 that Louis Prang of Boston printed and sold Christmas Cards in the United States.

Is that what makes Christmas important?


Many will agree that this practice has gotten somewhat out of hand. Christmas is over commercialized. The "spirit of indulgence" has become the rule, with credit card bills to prove it. Christmas is the MERCHANTS DELIGHT and the CLERK'S DESPAIR, not to mention the post Christmas return rat race! $10 billion will likely be spent in America this Christmas for over 1 billion gifts, plus $150 million worth of wrapping paper. Don't even ask me about the booze that will be bought and consumed between Christmas and New Year's Day.

What would the Puritans of early America say if they saw Christmas today? In colonial times they called its celebration "Romish Rags" because of the features of paganism it involved. They even passed "Blue Laws" forbidding the keeping of Christmas, making minced pies and cooking plum pudding. A little harsh? I think so! But the big question still remains.


Strip off the day, the name, Santa and the reindeer, the tree, mistletoe, Yule logs, cards and all the commercialization and what do you have left? Some would say, "Just one BIG EXCEDRIN HEADACHE!" And they would be partially right, because when it comes right down to it, for many, December 25th is just an excuse to have a party, get drunk, spend money they don't have or need elsewhere, overeat and take time off work. For others it is a time of "Christmas Neurosis," loneliness, fear, despondency and emotional stress.

Why not chuck the whole mess in the trash can?

Simply because Christmas is more than a day of traditionalism, commercialism, materialism and indulgence. CHRISTMAS REVOLVES AROUND A PERSON, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. CHRISTMAS IS A TIME TO EXALT HIM AND WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR THE WORLD. CHRIST IS WHAT MAKES CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!!

Christmas in this day has come to include Christ, at least in some measure, despite those who would try to isolate Him from it. The world is at least aware of Christ. Millions sing Philips Brooks' lovely verses, "O little town of Bethlehem... O come to us, be born in us, our Lord Immanuel." Millions more will repeat, "unto us a child is born. Unto us a son is given. And His name shall be called WONDERFUL... "

Although Christmas is a religious holiday, it should be thought of also as a time to celebrate the importance of family and appreciating what they do for us and what they mean to us. It should also be a joyful time full of festive cheer and religious happiness.
Date posted: 09/11/2009

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