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Gift Articles - Barolo Wine Gifts

What is Barolo

If you want to know what Barolo is, please read below for the main points about this Italian red wine.

Where is Barolo from?

Barolo is known as “the wine of kings” and the “king of wines”. Barolo comes from Northern Italy and is produced around the Piedmont region, which is famous for many delicious food and drink items, such as white truffles, it is also the home of Nutella!

Barolo is produced from the Nebbiolo grape, whose name comes from the Italian word Nebbilio, meaning fog. The reason for this is that In September and October fog is quite common in the Piedmont region, which is the time when the grapes are ready for harvesting.

The Northern part of Italy with it’s warm temperatures during the day and cool temperatures at night, enables the grape to have good aromatic complexity and high levels of tannin, which makes Barolo an excellent wine for aging. So, if you are looking for wines that will keep, this is the wine for you.

The DOC for Barolo states that the wine needs to be made 100% from the Nebbilio grape variety and must be aged for a minimum of 3 years before being sold - at least two of these years the Barolo must be in a barrel and the final year it must rest in the bottle. You will also come across Reserva Barolo, which is where the wine must be aged for at least 5 years before being sold.

Barolo Key Facts

Aromas and Flavours: roses, tar, cherries, damsons, leather, herbs, spices and dried fruits.
Colour: Deep, similar to Pinot Noir – not opaque.

Barolo and Food Pairing

Barolo is best enjoyed with foods of a similar weight; such as, meat dishes, pasta and risotto. The tannins bind with the food proteins on the palate and come across as softer.

Barolo is an expensive wine to purchase, however the quality of the wine makes it superb value for money, no wonder it is known as the king of wines. For this reason Barolo makes a fantastic wine gift for Christening, birthday presents and weddings. The Barolo wine can be personalised with either a label or an engraved message Engraved Barolo. As it is the perfect wine for keeping, Barolo could be personalised with a special message and be opened in the future on an extra special occasion. You could also give Barolo in a wine set, Barolo Wine Sets for thoughtful anniversary presents and landmark birthday gifts too.

Barolo Tip: If you are going to drink Barolo, make sure you open the bottle an hour before to ensure the wine has enough time to breath before drinking – after all it has been in the bottle for at least a year!

Barolo is a quality Italian wine with aromatic flavours on the palate and on the nose. It is a wine for keeping and therefore makes fabulous Wine Gifts If you are specifically looking for Personalised Barolo that you can design yourself this can be found at: Personalised Barolo, however if you just want to see our range of Barolo Wine Gifts, then click on this link: Barolo Wine Gifts. These wines are just standard Barolo wines that would make wonderful gifts.

Date posted: 11/02/2011

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Wooden Wine Box with Wine Accessories, Engraved Wine Barolo
Excellent present and well received thank you
Star rank:
Dilwyn Lewis (19/08/2015)
Engraved Wine Barolo, Luxury Elm Wood Bottle Gift Box
I was very impressed with the website and the variety of gifts which were available. I would certainly recommend and use winegifts4u again. Excellent service.
Star rank:
Oscar (08/09/2014)
Barolo 2007 Tenimenti Ca Bianca
I cannot properly comment on number 1 as it is going to be a gift and has not been tasted yet. I have given it 4 stars as I am presuming it will be fine.
Star rank:
Yorkshire Jane (26/10/2013)
Engraved Wine Barolo, Engraved Wine Box
Really delighted with the product and service. First class!
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Linn Mcdonald (23/11/2012)
Engraved Wine Box, Personalised Barolo
It came personalized as requested it was perfect thank you!...
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Yap (29/10/2012)

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