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Wedding Proposals

If you are stuck on how to propose to your loved one then here are a few ideas. We've asked our lovely customers to tell us how they proposed to their partner and here are our Top Ten favourites:

10) While out for dinner with your partner... take out the ring and simply say "I don't mean to sound desperate, but will you marry me?!"

9) The most popular way is the traditional down on one knee when the moment feels right, preferably with an engagement ring. It's a classic and we love it!

8) Write a special song for your partner, learn how to play it on a guitar and sing it to them. After take their hand and ask them to marry you.

7) While waiting to pick your partner up from the airport, make a sign that says "(insert name) will you marry me?" - they will be expecting to see their name but not that message! So how can they say no?! It worked for one of our customers.... apparently his girlfriend dropped all her luggage and ran at him screaming "YES, YES, YES!!!"

6) Why not take your girlfriend or boyfriend to the cinema and pay for an advert asking the question "(Insert name) will you marry me?

5) On Valentine's Day when your girlfriend/boyfriend comes home, why not tell them that you have a gift for them, but you are unsure if it was something I they would really want? When they ask you what it is, direct them to the bedroom... let them walk in first and see the bed covered with rose petals spelling out the words "Marry Me?" Light up the room with just candle light and when they turn round to look at you trying to work out what's going on, bend down on one knee ready to pop the big question!

4) Plan to have a weekend away with your loved one, when it gets to the day you're supposed to leave, tell them the whole weekend is "off"! Instead hand your loved one an envelope of appointments that they must attend - if it's your girlfriend (a trip to the hairdressers and a nail bar) and if it's your boyfriend (a trip to the local spa for a range of relaxing treatments). When they return home leave some clothes that you have bought for them on the bed and leave further instructions... for example "be ready for 5pm sharp, a taxi will be waiting" BUT instead of a taxi you arrive in a big stretch limo to whisk them away for a night out of fun and adventure. Plan a range of activities - a show, dinner at an expensive restaurant and finish the evening somewhere intimate and romantic where you can quite simply ask the most important question: "will you marry me?". Simple and so very romantic! (such a great idea!).

3) Surprise your loved one with a holiday to somewhere exotic... (this is a decoy gift) while they are screaming with excitement, tell them it's a joke and instead get down on one knee and ask them to marry you!

2) Take your partner away on a fabulous all expenses paid luxury trip to somewhere special like for example PARIS... propose while strolling by the Eiffel Tower.

And now for the big number one... this is the proposal that we thought deserved to be at number one. It's thoughtful, sweet and very romantic. Exactly what a wedding proposal should be!

1) Our favourite way to propose out of all the emails and feedback we got was to: get a ring size chart and ask your girlfriend to look up her size on it. When she accuses you of ruining the surprise that you're shopping for a ring for her, simply say, "alright, why don't you try this one instead?" and show her that you've already shopped for a ring and ask her to marry you.

We hope this top ten list of wedding proposals and ways to propose gives you some inspiration if you are planning to propose, and if you're not, hopefully it gave you a smile or two.

Date posted: 09/02/2011

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Wedding Proposals
This is our top 10 list of ways to pop the big question compiled by customers and staff. We hope it gives you some inspiration, or at least a couple of laughs!

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