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Gift Articles - Valentines Gift Ideas

The ideal Valentines Day and Valentines Day Gift on a Budget

Unfortunately even though we would all like to splurge on our loved on it is sometimes very difficult. Especially in the current economic climate. We would all love to spend loads of money and show our special partner just how much we care. But if you are on a budget there are plenty of ideas and ways to get the same sentiment across.

Your gift to your Honey could be as simple as a "date night" each week. When you get comfortable in a relationship many couples forget to take time out for each other and they can sometimes lose the romance in their relationship. “Date night” is an easy way to make sure that you keep the fire burning. Purchase an inexpensive date book, and select a "date night". Say you choose Thursday, mark each Thursday night in the calendar with a big red love heart (so they are reminded that this day is something special), and gift wrap the date book. A date night is also a way to show them that you don’t just intend to make an effort on Valentine’s Day, but you intend to do it throughout the year!

Your “date night” does not have to be expensive. It can be dinner or a movie, but it can also be a walk in the park, a romantic night in watching your favourite movie together or even just going and getting ice cream. Be creative. The important thing is that you plan one thing each week to surprise and delight your Honey.

Come up with a clever idea that appeals to your partner, not just yourself. Consider their sensibilities, and keep them in mind. What do they like and dislike? Make sure to discard any ideas that involve things you may do on a regular basis, such as dining out. The ideal Valentine's Day celebration should involve a shared experience for the two of you, building a memory that will live on for years to come.

Activities and gift tins are an excellent idea for a clever Valentine's Day on a budget. Some simple ideas are assembling a puzzle made from a photo of the two of you, a treasure hunt that leads from clue to clue, ending with a special surprise, or a scavenger hunt through your house, collecting objects with special significance to your relationship. Create something together, such as a garden or a painting, or create something for each other by starting a new craft or hobby. Remember, the object of the activity is that it is fun and new and one you do together. Let your imagination run wild and remember that your goal is to make a new memory, together.

Many people love to say that Valentine's Day is becoming too commercial, and claim that it is just another way for card and gift shops to make money. However I think its nice to be reminded to make the effort with the person you love. A year is a long time and often we can take our loved one for granted without even realising.

There are so many little things that can make someone's Valentine's Day. You don't have to spend a fortune on Valentines gift ideas, even if you have the money. It's more about the gesture of love and the thought that has gone into it, that makes a gift truly appreciated especially for women. Men generally do not feel the same way about Valentines Day that women do. So if a woman sees how much of an effort her man has made… It usually gives them extra brownie points! The fact you can do so much, even if you have no money is what's so beautiful about Valentine's Day.

So here are a few gift ideas to inspire you to make Valentine's Day a special one.

Make the effort: #1 The Card

For starters, the simple idea of a Valentine's Day card is always guaranteed to bring a smile to your partners face on Valentine's Day morning. It needn't be big or showy; it doesn't even have to be bought from a shop. What can make a token of affection into something truly special is making it unique. Why not make the card yourself? Just some coloured card, a pen and a little imagination is all it takes. It could be as simple as a drawing of a heart with both your names inside, or maybe gluing a favourite picture of the two of you onto it, which can then be framed for posterity. But there is also the possibility of combining the card and the gift, in for example a bottle of personalised Valentines wine. You could design your own wine label. And if you really want to push the boat out then rather then getting personalised wine, why not buy personalised champagne?

If you find you don't have time to make your own card, why not try and compose a little poem or message during your commute to work, or during lunch, which you can write inside your shop bought one.

Make the effort: #2 The Gift

There are loads of ideas for this, you just need to consider your partners likes and dislikes and work from that.

Cook a romantic meal for 2

If your partner loves food and dining out in fancy restaurants is something they like but don’t do very often, then of course treat them to an expensive restaurant with all the trimmings. It’ll show you recognize the kind of taste they have. But if you can't afford a meal out in a fancy restaurant then why not treat your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife to a night off and cook a meal for them instead? It can be just as romantic as a restaurant meal - if not more so. Think of your partners favourite foods and drink and spend a few hours preparing a delicious meal. You can even create a new setting in your own dining room and recreate their favourite restaurant. Think delicious, sexy food such as oysters or scallops for starters, a creamy pasta dish for main and chocolate or strawberries for pudding. Top it off with a bottle of bubbly, flowers on the table and a lit candle in a bottle and bob's your uncle. Even if the meal doesn't come out perfect, the fact you put so much thought into the gesture will make all the difference. It's an ideal way to celebrate if you cannot get a babysitter either.

Enjoy a night in and be pampered

With our busy lifestyles, it can be hard to get a chance to spend quality time together, just the two of you. Like I mentioned earlier with the date night. So instead of thinking about making a day of it, how about making a night of it? Get prepared to enjoy a magical Valentine's night together. After a hard day at work, what better than a luxurious soak in a hot bubble bath? Light a few candles or get some floating spa lights, some soft music to relax too and help get you in the mood for a nice bathe together. Massage each others aching spots with some perfumed oil, whisper sweet nothings to one another and enjoy your time together.

I.O.U. tokens

A simple but effective idea that works a treat and costs you nothing at all. You can make your own I.O.U vouchers. Decorate them and then gift wrap them for your partner. Rather then simply writing an I.O.U on a piece of paper, the fact that you have taken the time to make the vouchers will add that special touch. Your I.O.U could be as romantic, sexy or simple as you like. Some examples are: I.O.U 1 massage, I.O.U the next choice what we watch on TV or I.O.U a washing up session. Alternatively you could suggest a night out for example I.O.U a visit to the cinema. This something cheap and cheerful, but it'll take you back to the days when you first started dating and holding hands. The only limitation with this Valentine gift idea is your imagination!

Hopefully these Valentines gift ideas have inspired everyone to have a fabulous Valentine's Day this year and in years to come.

Date posted: 14/01/2010

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