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Gift Articles - Fathers Day Gifts

Shop for a Flutes Set for Fathers Day

If your dad, or a dad you know delights in drinking sparkling wine and champagne after a hard day's work, make sure he is drinking out of the right type of flutes set. Each champagne flutes set varies in terms of the style of champagne glass and number of glasses contained within them. So, when you shop for flutes for your dad on Father's Day as an unusual gift, simply keep in mind.

Instructions on How to Shop for a Flutes Set

Follow these simple instructions and you will ensure your dad has the right champagne flute to make his special day very memorable.

Step 1:
Shop for a set of champagne flutes. Flutes work well for sparkling wine and champagne because of their tall, slim and narrow shape, which stops the fizzy bubbles from escaping too quickly, leaving your dad with the refreshing and crispy flavor of champagne in his mouth. The narrow vessel also offers the best way for him to enjoy the bouquet and keeps the aroma from dispersing too rapidly, thus allowing your dad to enjoy your gift of champagne more fully.

Step 2:
Choose a tulip shaped glass if you are buying a flutes set for sparkling wine and champagne. The wide bowl allows the liquid to aerate thoroughly, mixing with oxygen and releasing the well preserved bouquet. The narrow lip holds the bouquet at the top of the glass, so that your dad will be able to savour the aroma whilst drinking it.

Step 3:
Don't buy coupe glasses to drink champers from, by that I mean the type of glass with the medium stem, short bowl and wide rim. Simply because it forces the bubbles to form poorly in the glass and pop far too quickly and leads to the bouquet dissipating before your dad can enjoy the bubbles melting in his mouth.

Step 4:
Choose crystal champagne glasses for a dad who likes a bit of class; crystal just sounds more spectacular and it has the renowned ringing sound when tapped with something, perfect for toasting to Father's Day! Many people enjoy the beauty and elegance of a crystal champagne set, but if your dad is a bit crazy or has an extrovert character, it may be even more special to buy champagne flutes, which reflect this character. Such as, engraved flutes with a message on, or some coloured flutes like this engraved black champagne flutes set?

Step 5:
However, if your dad is a bit of a wine connoisseur go for a clear glass. This is simply because wine and champagne connoisseurs like to see their wine before and during drinking to examine its colour and clarity. Clear champagne glasses, such as these two engraved champagne flutes above coloured, tinted or cut crystal glass, allow you to do this well.

Well, there you have it. Shopping for a champagne flutes set for an unusual Father's Day gift could not be much easier, just take into account your dad's character when deciding on the perfect flutes set and perhaps even consider getting him some engraved flutes too?

Date posted: 21/05/2010

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Shop for a Flutes Set for Fathers Day
If your dad, or a dad you know delights in drinking sparkling wine and champagne after a hard days work, make sure he is drinking out of the right type of champagne flutes.
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