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Robin Hood Personalised Book

Personalised Robin Hood Book

Your name in this Robin Hood classics novel! Become master of your merry men! Star in the classic tale of good versus evil!

You and your friends become the main characters printed throughout the story book: you choose who plays who! For instance, Robin Hood can become: Henry Hood! The choice is yours!

How this personalised classics book works...
Everything you need is inside. Simply substitute the names of the leading characters with your own chosen names using the Cast List to help you. Write your own message to appear in print at the front of your book. Then simply register: online or by post. Your tailor-made Personalised Classic novel - first edition - will then be sent to you.

Inside the personalised Robin Hood box...
Welcome Letter
Your Gift Explained
Cast List
About Howard Pyle and the Novel
Registration booklet including an activation code should you wish to register online
Personalised Classics Notebook

After registration...
You will be sent your Personalised Classic - first edition. This is dispatched within 28 days of registration.

These are the characters you can change the name of:
Robin Hood
Little John
Friar Tuck
The Sheriff of Nottingham
Allan a Dale
Sir Richard of the Lea
Maid Marian

How do I register the personalised Robin Hood book?
You can register the gift online or by post. We recommend that you register online as this speeds up the time it takes for you to receive your personalised classic novel. Full instructions on how to register can be found in the registration booklet included in the gift box.

How long do I have to register the personalised book?
You need to register the story book before the expiry date on the registration booklet. We recommend that you register the gift as soon as possible.

Do I have to replace all of the suggested character names?
No. Any character's name that you do not replace will keep their original name.

Can I alter the sex of the characters I want to replace?
You can but we do not recommend doing so. This is because only instances of the name itself are substituted, not references to he or she. If you were to substitute a male character with a female name, references to he, his or him would remain. This could make your Personalised Classic confusing.

How long does it take to receive the personalised novel?
The personalised book will be dispatched within 28 days from the date of registration. Occasionally, factors outside of our control, may affect delivery times.

What format is the Personalised Book? Your tailor-made novel will be a paperback.

Please Note: This personalised Robin Hood story book will be dispatched and delivered separately to any other gifts ordered with us.

We have a lovely range of personalised story books, they make wonderful children's gift.

Product code: GR-RobinHood


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