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Rioja Wines

Learn About Rioja Wines

When I think of Rioja, I think of a pink wine from Spain. You might also have the same thoughts. However, Rioja is not only a rose wine; it is also a red and white wine too! The Spanish wine is made in the north of Spain and the wine takes its name from the region with the same name. The area is fairly big and is often divided into three parts: Alta, Baja and Alavesa. The climate between these areas also varies and this is the reason that the variety of red, white and rose Rioja can be produced.

There are four types of Rioja, which are known by different names depending upon how old the wine is and how long it has been aged for:

1. The youngest form of this wine is known simply as Rioja. It is known as such, if the wine has been oaked for less than a year in oak.

2. If the wine has been aged for 2 years with 1 year in an oak barrel it is known as: Crianza

3. The wine is known as Reserva if it has undergone 3 years of aging plus 1 year in an oak barrel.

4. Finally, the oldest type of Rioja is called Gran Reserva and it has undergone 5 years of aging plus 2 years in an oak barrel.

The younger wines, which haven’t been aged for such a long time tend to be more fruit driven, whilst the wines that have been aged tend to have vanilla notes and spicier flavours. There are also, as mentioned above 3 different colours of Rioja – red, white and rose.

Red Rioja

Rioja that is red in colour is a blend of grapes. However, Tempranillo is the main grape variety used in red Rioja production. The grape is ideal for the aging that is involved in the wine. It also tends to add a velvety feel on the palate. You will also find the grape variety, Grenache is also used which adds a crispness to the wine.

White Rioja

If you come across a Rioja that is white, you will most often find that it is made from Viura grapes. Younger white Riojas made with this grape variety are very fruity, whereas older Rioja wines using the same grape have roasted nutty flavours, as well as caramel and coffee notes, mmmmm!

Rose Rioja

Rose Rioja is made from a combination of Tempranillo and Grenache grapes. There are aromas of strawberries and other summer fruits on the palate too.

As with many grapes in Europe, including France for example, grapes used in Rioja production are harvested towards the end of September and the first three weeks into October depending on weather conditions that have occurred during the growing period.

If you are looking to buy Rioja online and give it as a gift to friends and family who enjoy the Spanish wine, then give Rioja Wines which include Rioja, Crianza and Rioja Reserva from the Bodegas Berceo vineyard in Haro, Spain. You can also give Rioja Wine Sets including Crianza Wine Sets which make special wine gifts for friends and family all throughout the year.

Date posted: 23/01/2012

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