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Picking out the perfect bottle gift for a host or hostess

Itís only good manners to take a gift or something when you are a guest in somebodyís home, especially at events such as a dinner party or a birthday bash. Most people enjoy appreciate a bottle gift or a bouquet of flowers often goes down well with women. Manners and good upbringing aside though, buying that bottle gift particularly if you and your host or hostess donít know your each other too well, can be a fairly daunting experience. Here are some tips and a bit of advice to consider when purchasing a gift you wish to be used, and not end up in the back of a dark and dusty cupboard.

1. Purchase a gift your host wants or at least will like: it may be an obvious one, but sometimes people just buy something for the sake of it, or on the other hand buy a gift that they want themselves. Fight the urge this time, and donít!

2. Whether youíve met your host once, a couple of times, or never before, there are a few items you can depend on. If you know that your host entertains fairly frequently, then some glasses or a centre piece gift might be greatly appreciated. Wine is another old standby, but before suspecting that you are saved and have found the perfect idea, check to make sure your host or hostess does actually drink. It could be a little embarrassing holding out the wine bottle to a recovering alcoholic. If you already know your host sometimes indulges in a bit of vino, but are not 100% sure what sort of wine they like, then think about your favorites, or even go for a personalised wine gifts for a really special touch and maybe say thank you for a fabulous evening. Giving your host a personalised gift will show you have put thought and effort into what youíre giving them.

If you have even the tiniest bit of creativity within you, consider making a basket or a gift set. Choose your most favourite small gifts and put them together into a gift set or basket. Little things like wine, glasses, a candle, chocolates or anything more you can come up with! If you live in a wet climate, even a compact umbrella will be a unique addition to the basket! If you are not creative yourself, then check out our Wine Gift Sets or Champagne Gift Sets.
Date posted: 14/01/2010

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