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Pick Personalised Photo Frames for Photo Gifts

Personalised Photo Frames

Storing and presenting photographs is very a lovely thing to do, because it means you can show your beautiful pictures to the rest of the world (or anyone who comes and visits anyway!) If you are attending a birthday party, a wedding or an engagement party it is worth considering giving personalised photo frames as personalised photo gifts to the lucky gift recipient, particularly if you have no idea what else to get. Spending a little bit of time choosing the perfect picture frame, whether this be a simple, elegant picture frame or a more lavish engraved frame is what we suggest, so that you give a gift that anyone would be happy to showcase in their home or at work. Follow the few easy steps below to find the best engraved frames to present your photographs in for great personalised photo gifts.

Step 1: In order to get started you need to know the size of the photographs you wish to frame; photos come in many sizes including landscape and portrait layouts. Double check to see what size the picture you want framing is: is it a portrait picture - 4 x 6, 5 x 7, 8 x 10 or an A4 size, or is it a 6 x 4, 10 x 8, 7 x 5 or an A4 landscape frame? Once you know this, you will save yourself a lot of time and effort in the future when you find out you have to cut the photos up or exchange the frames because they don't fit!

Step 2: Just before we move on to picking the best engraved frames for your photos; another thing to consider when you get your pictures printed is to have them done so with a matt finish. Adding a matt finish to your photos will give your photographs a really sophisticated look. You can get this matt finish applied in most photography stores or other places where you are able to get your photos developed.

Step 3 Once your photographs are printed in matt and you are happy that you know the size of them, it is time to buy your engraved frames - this can be by finding online engraved photo frame gift shops, or other online stores, such as who offer (as a bonus) free engraving on their engraved frames.

Step 4: Once you have selected your wedding frame, you could consider protecting your photographs with frames that use ultraviolet (UV) protected glass. UV protected glass will help protect your special photos from fading or yellowing over time due to exposure from UV rays from sunlight as well as indoor light. Professional photography shops in your area are likely to carry these types of UV glass, but if not, you can also have this glass specially cut for you at special hardware stores, or once again consider buying these too online.

Step 5: Choose your photo frames from the full range on offer, which include silver frames, wooden frames, collage photo frames, as well as family photo frames, engraved wedding frames and engraved birthday frames too. Adding a personalised message onto any of these engraved photo frames gives you a fabulous personalised gift suitable to give as birthday gifts, father's day gifts, wedding presents and engagement gifts. We offer free engraving on all of our engraved frames and free delivery too! To make the most of this choose the photo frame which takes your fancy and add a message to it.

Step 6: Frame any photograph as a special personalised gift. If possible, find a photo with you and the gift recipient to make it an even more personalised photo gift.

Tips: In order to give gorgeous personalised photo gifts, which we are sure the gift recipient will love, frame black and white prints of the photo for a fantastically elegant result. Many professional photographers use black and white photography to capture emotional or highly personal moments because it is easier for the eye to process these two colors. This generally results in a more intense focus on the subject of the photograph, which would look great in an engraved frame.

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Date posted: 08/06/2010

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Engraved A4 Wooden Frame
The service was excellent, very nice staff.
Star rank:
Ann, Ireland (11/10/2014)
Natural Engraved Wooden Frame 6 x 4
great service again - love these personalised frames - thanks again
Star rank:
Gordon Mackey (28/05/2013)
Engraved Silver Plated Frame with Hearts
This is the first two products i have bought from you the service was excellent and I will certainly be back to buy more products from you,many thanks.
Star rank:
Paul Beards (05/11/2012)
Engraved Natural Wood Frame 6 x 8
Star rank:
Elise Burns (06/09/2012)
Natural Engraved Wooden Frame 8 x 6
Excellent service. Frames arrived much quicker than I expected, as lots of other companies introduce spurious delays in sending to Northern Ireland. Many thanks for the prompt and excellent service
Star rank:
Gordon Mackey (27/07/2012)

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