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Personalised Wine Is Great For A Quiet Night In Before The Wedding

It's a few days before your best friends wedding! They have been frantically getting everything ready and soon the day is going to be here. You're their best friend and you've noticed how they have had no time to relax. You don't want them to be completely frazzled on the day of their wedding and so as an early wedding present idea that you could give to them. Get everyone out of the brides house a couple of days before the wedding, grab a couple of dvd's and take her round a bottle of wine. Let her have a natter and watch some movies together. It'll be a great excuse for you two to share some quality time together, she will also be able to unwind - so it is a win win situation all round.

The bride wants to feel special on the run up to her wedding, so why not rather than getting her any old bottle of wine get her a bottle of personalised wine... an engraved personalised wine gift to be precise. She can keep the bottle of wine after your enjoyable evening and when she thinks back to her wedding memories, she will remember that evening and how you helped her destress and get ready for her wedding. Not in the conventional sense as in helping her put on her dress... but you helped her take a step back and stop her from becoming a scarey bride! Which can at times happen!

The nice thing about an evening in like that with a good bottle of personalised wine will mean that in the morning the bride will not feel completely horrendous as she probably would the day after the hen party. Like I said the aim of an evening like this would be to calm the nerves of the bride and help her relax before the big day.

It might get a bit rowdy if you invite all the bridesmaids round, and to be honest as the best friend it is your perogative to monopolise the brides attention for a while. We have a great range of labels that you could choose from to make your personalised wine bottle. Remember that this bottle will be one of those items that the bride will hopefully keep to remind her of what a great friend you are.

Date posted: 20/08/2010

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