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Personalised Wine Is A Great Gift For Weddings and Christmas

When you are giving a gift you need to think about the event and the type of people that you are giving the gift to. Christmas and weddings are two events where personalised wine can be the gift of choice. What's even better is if someone is getting married at Christmas you could get the happy couple a bottle of personalised "mulled" wine as a wedding gift. That's if you are feeling particularly festive.

If you would like you can design a personalised wine gift for the happy couple or for anyone that you would like to give a bottle of personalised wine to. Personally I like the idea of creating my own design. It adds even more of a special touch rather than just using one of our designs that are already created for you. Yes, you are personalising the wine gift with your own message. But you could go to the shops and buy a greetings card and with that you could personalise the card with your own message! It's a good idea but it's not the best. BUT if you design your own personalised wine you could upload a funny photo or an image that you know the recipient will appreciate and then you could add you own personal message! That certainly has that added special touch to the gift!

The majority of people are a fan of wine, there are few (me being one of them) that don't like to drink wine, but in general you know that if you get someone a personalised wine gift as a wedding gift or a Christmas gift you know they will like it. My brother is getting married at Christmas, so instead of getting him a christmas present this year I am going to buy him a case of personalised wine. There is a reason for this. He loves wine, as does his partner. I am going to buy him a case for a specific reason too... we offer a range of wines and some of these are fine wines - his favourite is a bottle of Barolo. So I am going to get him a case of personalised barolo. Each year at Christmas he can then open a bottle of this personalised wine and he can toast to his anniversary with this wedding gift!

So therefore personalised wine makes a great groom gift, at least in the case of my brother. Obviously I expect him to drink the wine with his wine. But still... this case of personalised wine is specifically a gift for groom. When you get married, you suddenly start to gifts as a couple and no one thinks that you might want to recieve gifts as individuals. I mean yes you are married, but both of you have individual tastes. I would hope that someone would not think that I would want a case of personalised wine for my wedding. My partner might love it, but I wouldn't and I hope that people would realise that. I know that my new sister in law would prefer something different as a bride gift and so that is what I would get her, something different. My brother loves the wine and though my sister in law would drink it to toast her marriage, she would probably like champagne instead of wine!

When reading this back I realise that maybe I need to clarify something - personalised wine is a great gift, but it is a great gift for the people who appreciate it. Also when people get married it is not always about getting them "couple gifts" sometimes it is about remembering that they are still individuals who like different things!

Date posted: 02/09/2010

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Personalised Wine Is A Great Gift For Weddings and Christmas
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Engraved Wine Box, Personalised Barolo
It came personalized as requested it was perfect thank you!...
Star rank:
Yap (29/10/2012)
Personalised Wine, Personalised Bottle Box Silver
Very efficient service with team even contacting me to discuss better layout and colouring of labels. Extremely happy with excellent customer care. Unable to comment on quality of wine as it is for a present and not yet opened.
Star rank:
Jackie (03/05/2012)
Wooden Personalised Gift Box, Personalised Wine
The service I received from winegifts4u was excellent. Despite ordering over a bank holiday at very short notice my gift was delivered at speed. Everyone was so helpful and my gift was really appreciated by the recipient who thought it was great. Thank you.
Star rank:
Mrs Miller (12/04/2012)
Personalised Bottle Box Silver, Personalised Wine
Extremely happy with product and impressed with how quickly the order was processed and delivered! Thank you.
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A customer (24/02/2011)

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