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Personalised Wine Gifts for Summer Time Gifts

Just looking out of the half blinded window to the right of me, it appears the weather in the UK (for the moment anyway) is sunny and fine, a wonderful change I must say. If this has led you to wish you were lazing in the garden, as though it were a sultry, summery Sunday afternoon, I would have to admit that you would not be the only one! I would much rather be sipping the rose bottle of personalised wine I received recently as a birthday gift for my best friend. Although, I would be quite happy sipping on champagne too (Iím not fussy!) rather than sitting in this wood-built office knowing that the warmer it gets outside the hotter I will get inside and not in a nice way either. Sweltering sauna springs to mind, since the air conditioning unit packed up recently. Anyway, in order to stop myself thinking of Monday morning, work and the impending sweat fest that will shortly be occurring. Iím going to pretend it is still Sunday and think of all the summer parties that I shall be hosting or attending over the coming months, the food that will be served, the wine that will be consumed and the wine gifts (hmmmm) I intend to lavish my guests with.

Tradition Calls
Itís a tradition that every year when summer arrives my friends and I each throw a party, which usually consists of a BBQ or light summery meal along with refreshments including wine, champagne and cocktails, as well as entertainment and of course getting dressed up.

This year, I intend to have my party under a classy Mediterranean theme, which includes Italian cuisine and fine Italian wine, such as Chianti Classico and Barolo for the more cultured wine connoisseurs among us. The wine bottles will be flowing freely, and fruity cocktails made from some of the white Italian wine including Pinot Grigio and Italian Chardonnay will be made later on in the evening.

My entertainment is going to be very light hearted; it came from the personalised wine gift I received from a friend. Basically, everyone who comes will be allocated a bottle of back label wine. They will then have to design a wine label for their wine based on a particular upcoming occasion or event. For example, Fatherís Day has just passed, so they would have had to design a wine label related to Fatherís Day, the resulting wine gift they could in theory have given to a dad they know as a fatherís day wine gift.

There will be a number of different annual themes and occasions for the personalised wine to be created under, including birthday, wedding and anniversary for example. Each participant will have to design a label under each theme and the best wine label design for each particular theme will be put on the winnerís wine bottle and they will then have to present it as a personalised wine gift to someone at that next occasion. It doesnít end there; when they give the wine gifts photos must be produced for all to see throughout the summer to see the recipientsí faces. I havenít done it before, but I think it is pretty safe to say that giving a personalised wine bottle as a wedding gift, birthday gift or anniversary gift for example, hand-drawn by thirty something year olds isnít quite the way forward. So, obviously a back plan is allowed, an official and professional bottle of personalised wine can be given too. I anticipate professional personalised wine gifts to be much more of a hit than the interesting wine gifts that we will be producing after consuming a couple of wine glasses!

If you do end up giving personalised wine gifts this summer as birthday presents, wedding gifts or engagement gifts for example, donít give a home-made job! Get specialised personalised wine gifts and get a bag or gift box to present them in. If you would like to give a much more special wine gift, then consider combining the personalised wine (or Engraved Wine) with some wine glasses or even better engraved wine glasses to create a classy wine set that can be treasured for years to come.
Date posted: 21/06/2010

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Engraved Wine Box, Personalised Barolo
Fantastic customer service, speedy delivery. Would definately use again.
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Rosa Dandrea (24/07/2017)
Engraved Wine Box, Personalised Barolo
It came personalized as requested it was perfect thank you!...
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Yap (29/10/2012)
Personalised Wine, Personalised Bottle Box Silver
Very efficient service with team even contacting me to discuss better layout and colouring of labels. Extremely happy with excellent customer care. Unable to comment on quality of wine as it is for a present and not yet opened.
Star rank:
Jackie (03/05/2012)
Wooden Personalised Gift Box, Personalised Wine
The service I received from winegifts4u was excellent. Despite ordering over a bank holiday at very short notice my gift was delivered at speed. Everyone was so helpful and my gift was really appreciated by the recipient who thought it was great. Thank you.
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Mrs Miller (12/04/2012)
Personalised Bottle Box Silver, Personalised Wine
Extremely happy with product and impressed with how quickly the order was processed and delivered! Thank you.
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A customer (24/02/2011)

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