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We've been writing alot recently about the new gifts that we have added to our gifts portfolio.... but today I've decided to rewind and tell you all about why I believe wine gifts are the perfect gift to give someone. After all wine gifts are where came from, so there must be a reason why we think wine gifts are so good?

About five years ago there was an emerging trend towards personalisation. I'd seen that a lot of high street stores were selling "name keyrings" and similar and people seemed to love them but there was still a gap in the market and people wanted more and wine seemed like the perfect fit... There is something about a personalised gift that we all love. It's got that unique touch and I'm sure many of us love the fact that there is no other gift like it in the world. We all like the idea of owning a one off and I guess that is why personalised gifts have such an appeal.

Wine Gifts come in many different forms. You have the standard wines that you can get from the supermarket. These are wonderful if you are going to a dinner party and want to take a bottle along to give as a gift to say "thanks for inviting me" but then there is also the more expensive fine wines that would also be great to take too. However it's probably better to get Barolo Wine Gifts and other fancy vintage wines to people who have a mature palette and those who love tasting and drinking a variety of wines. Barolo Wine Gifts are quite expensive as are Chateauneuf du Pape and Chablis, you might not want to buy such an expensive bottle for a wine novice.

If you want to give a gift for say a wedding or birthday then you might want to think about a personalised wine gift. At there are a few options available for you. Firstly you could either go for a bottle of labelled personalised wine or a bottle of engraved wine. Our labelled personalised wine is just great because you can design your own personalised wine label by uploading an image or graphic onto our user friendly personalisation interface and add text to the label too, or you could just choose from one of our labels that we have specifically designed for you. All you need to do is add the text to the label. You then just need to choose the wine that you want.

Our engraved wine also makes a wonderful gift and we've found it to be very popular as a wedding gift! You can choose from rose, red and white wines and one each you can have you message engraved.

If you want to give something that extra bit special then a personalised wine gift set might be worth thinking about. You can combine both a personalised wine bottle - whether it is labelled or engraved with a set of wine glasses. These can be either engraved or just standard glasses. This kind of gift has the extra "wow" factor!

Date posted: 22/02/2011

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