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Gift Articles - Stocking Fillers

No more coal stocking fillers for the modern era

Christmas has really always been about the kids (of all ages!) - And we can all remember how exciting it felt when we were small! For the younger members of the family, the festive season is a real whirlwind of excitement, good food, too many sweets, parties, decorations - and of course, the annual visit from Father Christmas! To help make their stockings extra special this year, why not check out the fantastic range of stocking Fillers now available online - there's something for every small person - for all ages!

Why did they used to give coal as a stocking filler? !

One of the most potent symbols of the season of goodwill, the Christmas stocking is certainly one of the highlights of the festive period - what better treat is there than waking up on Christmas morning, reaching to the foot of the bed and pulling out Santa's Christmas gift treats; and the fact that they're a taster of the many - or not so many - Christmas gifts to come makes the whole experience all the more sweeter.

However sometimes if a child has been naughty or bad, then they are given coal in their stocking…there are a number of reasons for this firstly; what can a child do with coal? It’s not a toy so they can’t play with it; it would be a disappointing stocking filler. Coal is also associated with fire and therefore there is some symbolism for hell… bad people go to hell. In times when people were extremely religious, to receive a lump of coal could have made a child feel as though they were going to hell if they were not good.

Thankfully now though people have got out of the habit of using coal in stockings and if they do it is usually just as a joke!

Author: Izzy Richards

Date posted: 13/11/2009

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