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Personalised Port Great Gifts for March 2013
If you are looking for gifts to warm the cockles on these dreary days and evening, give Personalised Port.
Design Your Own Personalised Champagne for All
Design Your Own Champagne as gifts for everyone?!
Champagne Gifts for Christmas 2012
Celebrate Christmas in style with luxury champagne gifts at affordable prices - see the updated range today!
Personalised Port Gifts for Xmas
Port Wine and Gifts including exclusive port with engraved pewter labels.
Personalised Champagne with Engravable Pewter Labels
Personalised Champagne Bottles for Christmas
Why not give Personalised Champagne
Personalised Wine for Christmas
Check out our new range of Personalised Wine bottles for Christmas available to buy online now!
Latest Wine Gifts Just Added September 2012
Two brand new Personalised Bottle Boxes for six and twelve bottles and a new personalised wooden gift tag!
NEW Personalised Wine with Pewter Wine Labels
Brand new and exclusive Wine with Personalised Pewter Plaques as luxury wine gifts.
New Engraved Champagne Flutes with Lilac Lily Detail
Buy Engraved Champagne Flutes online at WineGifts4U that includes a brand new champagne flute with a lilac lily design.
Personalised Glasses as Wine Gifts and Champagne Gifts
Brand new Personalised Glasses as new wine gifts and champagne gifts with free UK delivery.
New Engraved Champagne Flutes with Lily
Buy Engraved Champagne Flutes online - new lines just added!
New Engraved Magnum Champagne Gifts
Brand new pink moet Engraved Magnum Champagne to buy online now!
New Personalised Wine Glass with Crystals in Stem
Buy Personalised Wine Glasses as wine related gifts. New lines just added!
Wine Gifts To Keep
Check out our brand new Wine Gifts to Keep perfect for keeping 5 to 20 years.
NEW Cotes du Rhone Wine Gifts and Gift Sets
Brand new Wine Gifts from the Rhone Valley region of France - Cotes du Rhone wines and gift sets.
Brand New Wine Boxes For Personalised Wine
Brand new range of wine boxes, they are perfect with our bottle of personalised wine and champagne.
Personalised Liverpool Gifts
Brand new Personalised Liverpool Gifts to buy online with free UK delivery.
Personalised Mugs As Graduation Gifts
Give Personalised mugs as a thank you gift for teachers, or as graduation gift for graduates.
Personalised Guinness Gifts
Brand new Guinness Gifts to buy online with free delivery in the UK.
New Personalised Wine for Summer
Buy Personalised Wine online as Wine Gifts for friends and family today!
Brand New Chelsea Gifts
Buy Chelsea gifts and give a fun football gifts as a birthday present, graduation gift or anniversary gift.
New Union Jack Gifts
Brand new and exclusive Union Jack Gifts to buy online today!
NEW Engraved Compact Mirrors To Buy Online
Brand new engraved compact mirrors added to our range of engraved gifts.
NEW New Baby Gifts
See our latest range of New Baby Gifts to buy online.
NEW Bottle Boxes Buy Online
New Bottle Boxes just added. Complete your wine gifts and champagne gifts in style!
NEW Personalised Dom Perignon Champagne
Buy Engraved Dom Perignon as personalised champagne gifts now!
Personalised 50th Birthday Mugs NEW
Buy personalised 50th birthday mugs online now - new designs added!
NEW Engraved Magnum Champagne
New Personalised Bollinger Magnum Champagne and Veuve Clicquot Engraved Magnum Champagne
NEW Manchester United Engraved Pen Set Gift
Brand new personalised gifts for Manchester United supporters in the form of an engraved pen set. See Man United
Buy Retirement Gifts Online at WineGifts4U
Check out our brand new Retirement Gifts to buy online now!
Wine Offers A Good Deal
Grab yourself fabulous Wine Offers and save money at WineGifts4U today - new wine gifts just added!
Wedding Gifts for the Bride and Groom
Check out our updated Wedding Gifts for the Bride and Groom page now!
New Wine Bottle Holders at WineGifts4U
Buy Wine Holders online now and get free UK delivery. New lines just added!
New Birthday Wine Glasses to Buy Online
Give birthday wine glasses as wine gifts for birthdays. New gifts just added!
Personalised Pint Glasses Buy Online
See the latest engraved gifts to buy online: personalised pint glasses with free UK delivery.
Wine Offers In The UK
Give wine enthusiasts great wine gifts with our range of wine offers.
Jack Daniels Gifts
Buy 65th Birthday Presents Online at WineGifts4U
Check out our brand new 65th Birthday Presents pages for gift ideas for 65th birthdays.
Buy Birthday Wine Glasses Online
See our brand new Birthday Wine Glasses available to buy online now.
New Wine Offers at WineGifts4U
Check out our latest two brand new Wine Offers available online with free UK delivery.
1st Birthday Presents to Buy Online
Buy 1st Birthday Gifts online at WineGifts4U now including vintage wine and vintage champagne bottles.
Wine Holders to Buy Online at WineGifts4U
Novelty Wine Holders including cat, dog and high heeled shoe wine bottle holders with free UK delivery.
Fingerprint Jewellery Buy Online Now
Brand new engraved gifts to choose from Fingerprint Jewellery online now!
New Personalised Roses for Birthdays
Check out our three newest Happy Birthday Personalised Roses to buy online now!
New Personalised Shot Glasses for Individuals
Want single Personalised Shot Glasses check out our new ones.
Personalised Mothers Day Roses for Mum
Looking for unique Mothers Day Gift for mums this year? If so, give personalised roses!
Design Your Own Photo Gifts
If you are looking for Photo Gifts, why not Design Your Own Photo Gifts?
New Personalised Photo Frames
Check out our brand new Personalised Photo Frames to buy online now!
Personalised Moet Champagne Buy Online
See our range of Personalised Moet to buy online here: Engraved Champagne.
Chablis as Wine Gifts for Her
Give Chablis Wine Gifts as wine related gift ideas for her. Learn more about the wine here!
Sauvignon Blanc
Buy Sauvignon Blanc as wine gifts online including Chilean, New Zealand and French Sauvignon Blanc wines.
Chardonnay Wine Buy Online
Buy Chardonnay online including French, Chilean and Italian Chardonnay wine gift and wine gift sets.
Buy Barolo Online at WineGifts4U
Barolo is a wine gift for keeping, read what we have to offer as gifts.
Buy French Chardonnay Online at WineGifts4U
Check out the brand new French Chardonnay range at WineGifts4U.
Buy Giant Champagne Glasses Online at WineGifts4U
You can now buy Giant Champagne Glasses online in a gift box with free UK delivery.
Buy Chablis and Chablis Premier Cru Online at WineGifts4U
Give Chablis Wine Gifts as wine gifts including Chablis, Chablis Premier Cru and wine sets.
Buy Rioja Reserva Online at WineGifts4U
Rioja Reserva now available to buy online at WineGifts4U.
Rioja Wine Buy Online at WineGifts4U
Give Rioja including Crianza wine bottles and gift sets as wine gifts.
Buy Chilean Chardonnay Wine Gift Sets at WineGifts4U
Check out our brand new Chilean Chardonnay Wine Sets, buy online.
Buy a Personalised Wine Glass as a Wine Gift
Give a personalised wine glass as a wine related gift - 8 to choose from.
Buy Chianti Classico as Wine Gifts Online
Buy Chianti Classico Wine and Gifts online at WineGifts4U!
Buy Chateauneuf Du Pape Wine and Gifts Online
Buy Chateauneuf Du Pape Wine Gifts online now including wine sets, engraved Chateauneuf du Pape, as well as single bottles and cases with free UK delivery.
Chablis Wine
Give Chablis Wine Gifts, pick from wine gift sets, engraved, personalised, single and cases of Chablis.
Personalised Clocks To Buy Online
Buy personalised clocks online and get free UK delivery. Over 15 to choose from.
Engraved Love Champagne Flutes
Our Love Champagne Flutes are back in stock! Check them out!
Buy Jack Daniels Gifts and Jack Daniels Gift Sets Online
Brand New Jack Daniels Gifts available to buy online.
New Engraved Wine Glasses Facebook Competition
Like and share WineGifts4U Facebook Page and enter the competition to win!
Buy Ice Wine Online
If you are looking for unusual wine gifts, then we recommend giving Ice Wine.
Engraved Frames for All Occasions
Buy engraved photo frames online including birthday frames, wedding frames and anniversary photo frames and get free UK delivery. Over 70 frames to choose from.
Brand New Wine Sets
Buy wine sets online from our brand new range of wine gifts.
Does Wine Make You Fat
Does wine make you fat? No, it does not make you fat! It makes you lean... against tables, chairs, floors, the wall and ugly people!
National Wine Month Competitions
Which wine produces the most wine? Read our latest news here to find out the answer. Also, check out WineG
New Engraved Frames
Engraved Frames make the best birthday, wedding, anniversary and gift ideas for family.
Birthday Gift Ideas for Everyone
Our brand new birthday gift ideas range gives you plenty of birthday gifts for all to choose from.
Fathers Day Gifts
This year Fathers Day falls on Sunday 19th June - give a dad you know personalised Fathers Day Gifts.
Mothers Day Gifts
Place your Mothers Day Gift Orders by 9am Thursday 31st March to ensure your mum gets her gift by Mothers Day - hundreds of unique and personalised gifts to choose from with free UK delivery!
Wine Bottle Gifts with a Twist
Give Wine bottle gifts with a twist - substitute a bag for a wine box, add wine accessories to your purchase, go for personalised wine or engraved wine instead of wine from a supermarket...
Wine Gifts 4 U Helping the British Heart Foundation
Wine Gifts 4U is helping the British Heart Foundation by trekking to Base Camp Everest - see what has been happening here.
Luxury Magnum Champagne Gifts
Brand New Magnum Champagne Gifts now in stock - champagne sets, engraved Magnum and boxes too!
WineGifts4U Latest Blog Post
Have you visited the WineGifts4U Blog recently? If you have not, might I suggest that you take a quick peek?
New WineGifts4U Update Increases Website Performance By 50 Times
Last week we updated WineGifts4U and our website hosting company told us that the performance of the website has improved 50% on Friday – good news for you guys, good news for the hosting company and
17/01/2011 New Look
WineGifts4U online gift shop for wine gifts, champagne gifts, engraved gifts and personalised gifts has been revamped and now offers new features and free UK delivery on all gifts.
Champagne Gift News
Champagne Gifts - why choose a champagne gift as a personalised gift for a special occasion such as birthdays, weddings and Christmas.
Bottle Shock News from WineGifts4U
Has anyone seen the film, Bottle Shock with Chris Pine (the guy from the newest Star Trek film)? It was made in 2008, but I didn’t know about it until last night. I watched the film on Sky and was pretty impressed!

The basic plotline is about a wine maker, called Barrett and his son, Bo. The film is set California in the late 1970's a...
Wine Gifts for Christmas 2010
If you are well on your way to Christmas shopping this year, then good for you. Many of the staff in the office have been commenting on friend and family who have already spent a fortune on shelling out for high tech Christmas gadget gifts. We are pretty sure these friends and family cannot afford to spend all this dosh on these gifts, but get th...
Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas
Have you begun your Christmas shopping yet? encountered the first Christmas gift order in 2010 of a bottle of personalised wine in June - how is that for organised?!

Since then we have increased our selection of Christmas gifts to include a variety of new has just started to blog! If you want to keep up to date with what is going on at WineGifts4U as well as recieve relevant information regarding the trends in the wine industry, interesting gift ideas and much more - then why not subscribe to our blog? We'd also love your feedback so t...
Wedding Traditions
Everyone has heard of this: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue…

This blog post tells you all about this special wedding tradition and why brides even today still follow it! Here is a little extract for you:

A modern tradition is f...
Christmas Wish List
Christmas Wish List - This blog post discusses why people make Christmas wish lists! Here is a bit of an extract:

Have you made your Christmas Gifts list yet?

Do you have any idea what you want this Christmas? Or what you should get someone as a Christmas Gift? In an a...
The Origin of Christmas Advent Calendars
Have you ever wondered where the tradition of the Advent Calendar came from? Well this blog post will tell you all about it. Here is a little extract:

"Advent calendars originate from Germany – in fact from German Lutherans who started the tradition in the 19th century of counting down the 24 days of advent. At...
Engraved Cufflinks Make Wonderful Best Man Gifts
Engraved cufflinks are a very popular gift, but have you ever wondered why men wear cufflinks? Or why they are given as best man gifts? These two posts should answer those questions for you:

Why do men wear cufflinks?<...
NEW Engraved Compact Mirrors
If you are looking for a unique and pretty gift as either a bride gift or gift for your bridesmaids, then I might just have the thing for you! If you are the bride and you want to give a special gift to your bridesmaids then you should consider the idea of giving personalised compact mir...
Our Love For Celebrity Weddings has written an interesting blog post about how much we love celebrity weddings! We are fascinated by them and spend so much time pouring over magazines and reading articles online to see what new and exciting things those celebrities are doing! There have been plenty of occasions where I have gone into the shops and caught a gl...
New Wedding Gift Articles
We like to keep you well informed about how you can use the gifts you buy and stories that we have been told about the way people use their gifts. Below are a few of our most recent articles, take a look and see if they give you a few ideas:

Wine for Groom Gifts<...
Oh to be a bride Blog Post
To Be A Good Bridesmaid have just written a new blog post about how to be a good bridesmaid. When asked to be a bridesmaid we often wonder what will be expected of us. I know I did when I was asked to be a bridesmaid. I didn't realise how much there was involved and also how much I would have to take f...
WeddingGifts2U is now on Twitter has just joined Twitter. We are following them... are you?

Twitter is a great way to keep up to date with what is happening without having to look through an entire website to find out what new products have arrived or what special offers are available. WeddingGifts2...
New WeddingGifts2U Blog has set up a new blog that is dedicated to all things wedding! They have only just started to post but there are already some great articles to look out for! If you are looking for up to date information about what is in fashion at the moment or you want to know which celebritie...
My granddad likes to write so I got him an engraved pen
My granddad likes to write so I got him an engraved pen. - this is a new posting on our blog. We are constantly updating our blog with new information. For example each time we launch a new website or a range of new products we will let you know!
Wine and why it's good for weddings
Check out our new article: Wine Gifts Makes A Great Wedding Gift it discusses why 'wine' is so good for weddings!
New Champagne Flutes
We have added new champagne flutes to the site... check out our new range and find some great gifts for the people you love!
Indian Weddings
We've just written an interesting blog post about Indian Weddings and the kind of gifts that you could get an Indian couple who is getting married. There are some suggestions like engraved champagne flutes and engraved photo frames... to read more click on this link:
Gifts Blog
Looking for gifts and unusual gift ideas? Check out our Gifts Blog at Blog

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