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Make a Champagne Flutes Fountain

Champagne flutes fountains can usually be found as the centerpiece of entertainment at special occasions, awards and events, in particular also at wedding receptions and annual office parties. This is probably because a champagne fountain offers an exciting way to toast any happy event or occasion. A champagne flutes fountain involves a number of layers of champagne flutes carefully arranged and built up on top of each other. Every layer has a few less flutes until there is only one single glass on the top layer. This single flute at the top of the pyramid is where all the fun begins as the champagne is decanted into this flute and then overflows to fill the champagne glasses beneath it. It is not too difficult to build a champagne flutes fountain, but following the few tips outlined below can make the whole process very simple and ensure your champagne fountain is a fabulous success.

How to Create a Champagne Fountain

Step One: It may sound totally obvious, but make sure you select a table that is large enough, one that is both level and sturdy at the same time, spending time building your champagne flutes fountain and then finding it knocked over, because the table has wobbled is probably not the best investment of your time or money! If you find a table and it is a bit wobbly, then use a spirit level. If the table isnít level, you can use pieces of thin cardboard under the table legs to level it out if required.

Step Two: Think about the number of guests you are having and the number of champagne flutes you would therefore like to have in your champagne fountain before you start building. Once you know, you will need to build your champagne fountain from the base upwards.

Step Three: Cover the table with a pretty cloth and position the retention tray to catch all the left over champagne in the middle of it. Ensure the tray is deep, long and wide enough to hold the overflowing champagne; this will save on cleaning up at the end of the event!

Step Four: Now it is time to start building the champagne fountain. Firstly, place the first glass in the middle of a circular base, or alternatively use four glasses in the center of a square base and build up your base of flutes around them, ensuring that the glasses are in a parallel shape the whole time if you are making a square fountain. For a circular champagne fountain, build the flutes in a circular shape around the four glasses in the centre of the positioned square.

Step Five: Start building the second layer of your flutes fountain by placing the champagne glasses carefully on top of the bottom layer, so that the base of each flute in the second layer rests in the small space between the rims of the glasses already placed in the champagne flutes fountain Ė this is how the champagne will be able to spill over and fill the glasses below it.

Step Six: Continue with step five and add extra layers of glasses above the second layer until the single glass at the top has been reached. Make sure you take some time, because one little bump and the champagne s fountain could end up shattered into a million shards all over the floor!

Extra Tips on Building the Perfect Champagne Flutes Fountain

Tip 1: Allow one bottle of champagne per each six guests. If champagne flutes are used, permit one bottle for every nine flutes, because some people might have a couple of glasses Ė itís always better to have too many than not enough!

Tip 2: Despite your careful levelling, you may still find slight variations in the rims of some of the champagne glasses, which may cause the champagne to drain unevenly leaving less in some champagne flutes and more in others.

Tip 3: Even the smallest nudge to the table could be disastrous. Make sure the area you place the champagne fountain in is not in a well-travelled part of your event.
Date posted: 14/04/2010

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Great service. Reasonably priced, quick and very helpful.
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Jr (23/05/2016)
Amore Bride and Groom Personalised Champagne Flutes
Very happy with the 2 orders I have purchased. Any time I need this sort of gift I will be straight on this web site to see what I can buy.
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Lyn Ousey (28/05/2015)
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Item was even better than the description. Great quality! Super helpful customer service too!
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M Viljoen (03/02/2015)
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I purchased one of these goblets for my daughters 18th two years ago and have just bought another for my nieces 18th.
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Mrs A Cunningham (28/08/2014)
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