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Magnum Champagne

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What is Magnum Champagne? Have you ever heard the term, Magnum of Champagne when talking to someone, listening to something or reading? If so, and you had no clue what it is, allow us to enlighten you. A Magnum of champagne is quite simply 1.5 litres of champagne in a bottle - it is equivalent to two 75cl bottles of champagne, which is what you find normally find in the wine and spirits section of a supermarket. Most champagne producers make Magnum Champagne bottles to sell to the public, with a very popular one being Moet Magnum Champagne for example.

How is a Magnum of Champagne Made?

The method of making the champagne found in a bottle of Magnum champagne, is the same as that found in a 75cl bottle of bubbly, information for which you can find: Champagne Gifts As A Drink and with Food.

A short summary however:

To get started the grape juice from the crushed grapes is fermented, which starts the process of creating champagne. This wine is then poured into a bottle and a little sugar and yeast is added, the next stage is for a crown to be fitted to the top of the bottle for the second fermentation to occur. As the yeast ferments with the sugar, carbon dioxide is produced and trapped in the bottle. It is possible for 75cl bottles, 1.5 ltr bottles and the next size up (which is known as a Jeroboam and contains 3ltrs) to be produced in this manner with the second fermentation. After this size, the bottle becomes too big for disgorging (which is where the sediment in the bottle is frozen in the neck of the bottle and then removed.)

On my trip to the champagne region in 2009, I asked a number of champagne producers whether they preferred producing the 75cl bottles of champagne, or the 1.5 ltr Magnum champagne. To my surprise, on each occasion I was met with: "Magnum Champagne". When I probed further, I was told it was because of oxidisation. In a bottle of Magnum Champagne, there is less air trapped at the top of the bottle, which means the taste will be slightly different, due to the fact that there is a lower amount of air per litre. Wines ages through controlled oxidisation and that tiny amount of air between the wine and the cork makes the difference. We did not actually try that much liquid from Magnum champagne bottles in order to be able to make a fair comparison between champagne from 75cl champagne bottles and the Magnum bottles. The thing that I would mention, however, is that pouring bubbly from a Magnum of champagne does feel rather pleasurable!

Since champagne producers feel that the liquid inside a Magnum champagne bottles is better, we think it makes great Champagne Gifts. There are many different types of Magnum Champagne Gifts to choose from, which are suitable to give as luxury gifts for all special occasions. Choose from Magnum Champagne, where you can choose from brand Magnum champagne bottles, as well as Engraved Magnum Champagne bottles, which look great presented in a Magnum Champagne Gift Boxes.

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Date posted: 16/02/2011

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