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Gift Articles - Valentines Gift Ideas

How can you make every day Valentines Day

To some people Valentines Day is seen as commercial crock. They donít see the point in it because they think if you canít be romantic throughout the year then why bother for just one day out of the year?

So I decided that we should make everyday Valentines Day. Sometimes we find ourselves neglecting our partners or under appreciating them. Here are 10 tips on how make everyday Valentineís Day:

1) Tell them you love them at least once a day. Make sure you give your partner a nice hug in the morning and mutter, "I love you" in his/her ears. Do it when they expect it the least.
2) During the week do something spontaneous and new. Itíll be a good chance to spend time together and just concentrate on one another.
3) Buy them a small gift (not everyday and not even every week, but whenever you think itís the right time). Even if it is just a token gesture like a compact mirror or champagne flutes for you both or even some engraved cufflinks or something silly that reminds you of them. The gift will show them that even when they are not around you are still thinking of them.
4) Let them watch a program that they want to watch on the TV and donít complain. Whether its sports or a romantic comedy.
5) Call them at a random time of the day. Just to say you were thinking of them.
6) When you are sat on the sofa relaxing. Massage their feet. Everyone has a hard day at work and sometimes it is nice to be pampered without asking.
7) Send flowers to his/her workplace just because you miss them and are waiting for them to return home.
8) Arrive home early and take your partner for dinner to a cozy restaurant. Just plan something nice after dinner, say a movie or a game of snooker or simply take a long drive.
9) Write small love notes and serve it with breakfast, or hide it in his trouser pockets or under her pillow.
10) While he/she's in the shower or taking a bath, throw him/her towel in the dryer for a few minutes. When he/she gets out, present him/her with the toasty towel. It's sweet and thoughtful; he/she'll love you for it.

Date posted: 15/01/2010

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