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Give Personalised Wine as a Thank You Wedding Gift

Thank you gifts shouldn't be difficult to get right, even if you are on a budget. Personalised wine is an unusual thank you wedding gift that won't break the bank. We describe this simple, but stylish thank you gift below, so you can give a very special thank you wedding gift to members of the bridal party including the bridesmaid, the best man as well as the mother of the bride and groom and the father of the bride and groom.

Wine gifts are pretty popular gift ideas when it comes to saying thank you. However, if you want to take it one step further, then give a personalised wine gift, which is a twist on the traditional wine bottle. It is possible to personalise a bottle of wine in a number of ways. There is engraved wine, personalised wine using our labels and design your own wine, which allows you to design your own wine gifts from scratch.

Engraved Wine

Our personal favourite is Engraved Wine, which allows you to add a personalised thank you message straight onto the bottle of wine, you can also choose the type of wine you want from a range of styles including as red wines; Australian Shiraz, Italian Merlot and Chilean Cabernet Merlot for examples. There are also white wines, such as Italian Pinot Grigio, Chilean Chardonnay as well as Australian Chardonnay too, so that you can give lovely wine gifts to suit all friends and family members in the bridal party.

Personalised Wine

In terms of personalised wine with labels as thank you wedding gifts. You can choose from one of our unusual thank you labels, to which you can add a message, just go to Our Personalised Wine Labels, click on the Our Unusual Labels tab and then the Thank You Labels to find the perfect label to add your special message onto.

If you are feeling particularly creative and you wish to design your own wine labels then that is possible too. All you need to do is upload a picture or graphic of your choice and then add some text to the label, which make for even more special thank you wedding gifts for the bride and groom.

Personalised wine is an unusual thank you wedding gift, which is perfect as Also after you have drunk the bottle of wine you can keep the bottle as a reminder of this great birthday present that was given to you. How often can you keep a bottle of wine/want to keep a bottle of wine once it has been drunk? Very rarely. Well I know that I don't. I'd rather take it to the bottle bank to be recycled. However a bottle of personalised wine is different. It has sentimental value so you wouldn't want to throw the bottle away. If someone had taken the time to design the label on the bottle you would want to keep it, the personalised label is almost like a photo frame. If someone had taken the time to engrave a bottle of wine then again you would not want to throw it away. Mainly because engraving looks so good on a bottle of wine - especially red wine.

The point I am therefore trying to make is that personalised wine is a great gift when you are looking for a special birthday gift to give the people that you love.

Date posted: 03/08/2010

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