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Gift Articles - Valentines Gift Ideas

For those people who do not like Valentines Day

For me Valentine’s Day is a very commercial holiday… I don’t like the falseness about it. If you can’t be loving the rest of the year then why should this one day count at all? If you love someone and want to show them that you care a great deal for them…. Then your actions throughout the year should speak volumes. It also annoys me because for all those single people still searching for love it rubs it in their face and makes them feel that they are not as lucky as all those people who have found their love! That’s rubbish. Just because you are single does not mean that you are not as lucky…So perhaps this year we should use celebrate Valentines Day as a “singles” holiday too.

Now this may sound strange, so I thought I would test out my little theory and I thought that Christmas was the perfect time to do it as well. Although it is the wrong mentality to have the majority of people give to receive… its all about gifts.

I love perfume… but I love expensive perfume. And with the current economic climate it is unreasonable to expect my loved ones to buy me some like that. So I decided to buy it for myself… at first I thought this was an odd thing to do. But people always say “you work hard, so why not treat yourself”, so I guess in essence that is what I was doing. I know what I like so I should buy it for myself. Now some people would say that having someone who loves around will mean that they will know what you like too so then they should buy you those special gifts! No. That’s the wrong attitude to have. It’s not just about someone else loving you; it’s about loving yourself too. So the point I am trying to make is that when I unwrapped my favourite perfume on Christmas Day, I not only got a gift that I really wanted but I also treated myself and showed myself a bit of deserved love!! Why not then this Valentine’s Day not worry about what someone else “might” get you and think more about what you want for yourself. A new engraved compact mirror… get it engraved with a positive affirming message that reminds you of how great you are. Or a lovely bottle of personalised wine. It’s different and unique. You could even design your own wine label and create something really special for yourself.

Like I said, Valentines Day is a man made holiday. So make the most of it and definitely show yourself some love!

Date posted: 13/01/2010

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