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Gift Articles - Christmas Gifts For Him

Find the perfect Christmas Gifts for Him

One Christmas season tradition that makes this holiday stand out from all others is gift-giving. Crowded shopping centres lead to brightly-wrapped packages and then to bright eyes and smiles as the surprises are revealed to their recipients. The valid reason for giving gifts to others is that others are of value to us.

Sometimes, if we're really creative, we can pick just the perfect gift that we know will be of special meaning to the individual that we value - a book or music CD that they've been looking for but can’t find or perhaps something of which they are entirely unaware. It gives us a particular joy when we manage to pull off such a present because it’s actually a case of “to love them is to know them.” It’s our recognition of the interests, values and emotions of the other – the things we love about them – that allows us to anticipate the joy that will come both from their gift and from their recognition that someone really sees and appreciates what is essential about them, that they are visible to another's understanding mind and soul.

Both giving and getting are great. But the gift is not just in the box that's given or received but in the hearts and minds of the givers and receivers as an affirmation of the persons they value.

We took to the streets to find out what types of gifts men are really hoping to get this Christmas:

A Six-pack of Beer If he likes beer you can’t go wrong with this. Tie it with a ribbon and attach a rose if you like.
Dinner Out, on You Give him a coupon for dinner for two at his favorite restaurant. Bonus: you get a romantic night out.
Free lessons for_______ Has he always wanted to learn how to golf, fly a plane, ski, skydive, bungee jump? Get him some free lessons.
Music Get him a collection of CD’s from his favorite artist. Or a CD that he’s been wanting.
Glamour Photos of YOU Someone we know had a professional photoshoot, and framed the best picture for her boyfriend. They turned out fantastic…and her boyfriend loved it!
Daily Calendar What about a daily calendar, you flip the page everyday to reveal a quote or joke or picture. A funny version is great because, it will start his day off with a smile.
Tools Has he been eyeing that new screwdriver at the hardware store? Men do like tools, or so we’ve been told.
Scrapbook of Memories Put together a “Scrapbook of Memories”. This takes a lot of work, so we suggest starting early. Collect things like movie stubs from movies he’s taken you to, pictures, postcards from your vacation spots, little poems, type out the words to “your song”, loveletters you’ve sent him or he’s sent you, emails, something from the beginning of your relationship, anything that has a special memory behind it. Nicely arrange everything you gather in a photo album. Include an introduction page, with a little message for him and the date.
Subscription to his Favorite Magazine Would he like a subscription to Sports Illustrated, Time, Men’s Health, or some other magazine?
Framed Painting We met a guy whose girlfriend took a picture of his dog and had a painting made. She framed it and gave it to him for Christmas. He beamed as he told us about.
Collector’s Item If he has a favorite sports team look around for a collector’s item of some sort, such as Personalised Football Books for example.

Give him the perfect Christmas Gift.
Date posted: 05/11/2009

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Find the perfect Christmas Gifts for Him
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