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Gift Articles - Spanish Cava

Everything You Want To Know About Cava

Cava comes from Spain and is produced in Catalonia around the Penedes wine region. Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine produced in the same style as champagne, the traditional method. Yeast is added in to the bottle and is left to ferment to produce the carbon dioxide within the bottle, which produces the bubbles once opened.

While the minimum aging time for DO Cava is nine months, many producers age the Cava for longer periods of time.

There are three different types of Cava produced:

1) Cava which has been left for a minimum of 9 months to ferment.
2) Cava Reserva, which has a minimum of 15 months of aging.
3) Cava Gran Reserva, where the Cava is aged for a minimum of 30 months.
Younger Cavas are much fruitier, the older the sparkling wine gets the fruitiness of the wine diminishes as the flavours within the liquid become more complex.

Cava is made from the following grape varieties:

a) Macabeo: This grape offers moderate acidity and alcohol content, high on fruit flavours when young.
b) Xavel: A well balanced grape that produces structured wine with good acidity and has aging potential.
c) Parallada: A fresh, fruity and aromatic wine producing fragrance and freshness.
d) Chardonnay: produces a balanced wine with body and strong aromas.
e) Red Granache is a red grape variety that is mainly used in rosť Cava.
f) Red Monastrell has a dark purple colour, adds depth and brings out individual flavours, mainly used in rosť Cava.

Cava has a similar characteristic to champagne, and so can be used in the same way for special occasions. The key benefits of Cava is that it is cheaper than champagne, it can be consumed as the drink at birthday parties, weddings, engagements and anniversaries. Cava can also be given as a special gift to as birthday presents, engagement presents and wedding gift ideas too. Buy Spanish Cava online and get free UK delivery.
Cava can also be used with food due to the level of acidity and relatively low alcohol content compared to other alcoholic drinks.

Cava and Food Pairings:

Cava works really well with particular foods, check out the table below:

You can give a bottle gift of cava; check out Cava Wine Sets, as well as Personalised Cava, which uses Brut Cava and also, why not give a taste of summer with Personalised Rose Cava?

Date posted: 31/01/2011

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