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Deciding On A Wine Gift Idea

What wine are you? Personalised, Engraved, Vintage? - this blog post got me thinking about the type of wine gift I would give to someone. The example used in this post is the kind of wine gift that would be given to someone who was a close family friend and was about to get married. But what about the other occasions, like say a 21st birthday? Is wine a suitable gift to give for this milestone birthday? I'd say yes. Wine is one of the few gifts that can move through the ages, no matter what age you are a bottle of wine works. So even when it's your 50th Birthday a bottle of wine will be quite a suitable gift to give!

In the post they gave a check list to consider when choosing the wine gift:

1) Is it a special occasion or am I buying a wine gift just because?
2) What is the special occasion? Wedding, milestone birthday, anniversary party (the list goes on)
3) Relationship to the recipient is it a close relationship or are you just people who know each other?
4) Budget how much can you realistically spend?

Now I am going to put this to the test and see if it works... I have a wedding to go to this weekend. I am only an evening guest and so I wont be there for the ceremony. Obviously I know the person which is why I got invited to the wedding, but I didn't get invited to the main part of the wedding so I really don't know them that well. So what do I get the happy couple as wedding gifts? Now I want to get them a nice gift because it is of course a wedding, but I don't know them that well and therefore does the wedding gift that I get them have to be super nice. The answer to that is yes. Every gift that you give to someone should be super nice. There is no point in giving a gift that is rubbish. Don't bother wasting your money.

I have been out to dinner with this couple a few times and I know some of the same friends, so what I could do it go for a personalised wine, and get a labelled wine gift rather than an engraved fine wine as was discussed in the blog post. I could choose a photo from a few that I have and create unique wine gifts for this couple. It is a thoughtful gift so I know they will like it but also it is something a bit different so it is the kind of gift that will be remembered. Which is what you want. There are some pretty funny photos so I would probably use those and create a unique label with that.

Alot of what you buy someone has a lot to do with how well you know them but a personalised gift is the kind of gift that you can give and you know that it will be appreciated. Personalised gifts have an element of thought gone into them that others don't you have to think about the writing that you want to use or photos that will look best. All of that takes time and effort which is why a personalised gift is always a hit. So in answer to the original dilemma - i'm going for personalised wine.

Date posted: 03/09/2010

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Engraved Wine Box, Personalised Barolo
It came personalized as requested it was perfect thank you!...
Star rank:
Yap (29/10/2012)
Personalised Wine, Personalised Bottle Box Silver
Very efficient service with team even contacting me to discuss better layout and colouring of labels. Extremely happy with excellent customer care. Unable to comment on quality of wine as it is for a present and not yet opened.
Star rank:
Jackie (03/05/2012)
Wooden Personalised Gift Box, Personalised Wine
The service I received from winegifts4u was excellent. Despite ordering over a bank holiday at very short notice my gift was delivered at speed. Everyone was so helpful and my gift was really appreciated by the recipient who thought it was great. Thank you.
Star rank:
Mrs Miller (12/04/2012)
Personalised Bottle Box Silver, Personalised Wine
Extremely happy with product and impressed with how quickly the order was processed and delivered! Thank you.
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A customer (24/02/2011)

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