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Gift Articles - Chianti Classico Wine and Gifts

Chianti Classico

Chianti Classico Wines

Chianti comes from Tuscany in Italy. The growing area of Chianti is 7,000 hectares and the growing area Chianti Classico within this area is 100 square miles.

Chianti Origins

The origin of Chianti dates back to the Middle Ages. In 1716, Cosino III of Tuscany classified the region, which composed of the following villages and towns: Radda, Greve, Pananzo, Gaiole and Castellina. Over the years, many outlying areas which were not within these towns also began classifying their wines as Chianti. So, in 1932, 7 sub-regions or areas were also created in order to tighten up the official area of where Chianti actually comes from. Today, a wine can only be called Chianti Classico if it is in the Chianti region and if it is made from red grapes containing at least 80% Sangiovese.

Growing Conditions

The soil and the terroir in the region vary quite a bit due to altitudes ranging from 250 metres to 600 metres. This variation in altitude, produces differing microclimates within the region. There are two main types of soils in the Chianti growing region: sandstone, which is known as "Albarese" and a blueish-gray marlstone, known as "Galestro." In the north of the growing area, the Arono river has an influence on the climate, keeping the temperatures cooler. This influence disappears the further south you go.

Since the mid-1980s, the Chianti Classico zone had it's own DOCG, which was separate from the Chianti region. Chianti Classico must have a minimum alcohol level of 12% ABV and be in oak for at least 7 months for aging. On the other hand, Chianti Classico Reserva has to be aged for at least 27 months in an oak barrel and have a miniumum alcohol level of 12.5% ABV.

Chianti Classico has the potential to age well in the bottle too. The wine will improve with age and can be kept for between 6 - 20 years. Due to its aging potential, this Italian red wine can be given as a gift for special occasions, such as for wedding gifts, Christening presents and birthday gifts. Chianti Classico makes the perfect gift to purchase now and open in the future on an 18th birthday or 20th wedding anniversary for example. See some chianti classico wine and gifts including chianti classico wine sets.

The Black Rooster, "The Gallo Nero", which can be found on the neck of any Chianti Classico bottle is a symbol of the Consor Chianti Classico, a body whose aim it is to promote the wines of the region, improving the quality and preventing wine fraud. One of the ways it has been improving this is through research in to Sangiovese wine for producing better grapes.

Chianti Classico Tasting Notes

Chianti Classico wines are medium bodied with good tannins and medium-high acidity levels. The wines have a floral, cherry, plum and light nutty notes.

Chianti Classico and Food

Chianti Classico has good levels of acidity and therefore pairs well with food; red meats, game and spicy foods like curries would compliment that wine.
Date posted: 15/06/2011

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Brown and Cream Bottle Bag, Engraved Wine Gift of Chianti Classico
Great product and excellent delivery info. Will definitely use again.
Star rank:
Bob (18/06/2012)
Engraved Wine Gift of Chianti Classico
I was very happy with the wine. i have yet to drink it so am unsure of the taste however the engraving was very nicely done. I was slightly dubious as thought it could look a little tacky however i was extremely pleased with the results
Star rank:
Kerry-lee (10/02/2012)
Engraved Wine Gift of Chianti Classico
Very pleased with the engraving and brother in law was very pleased as he thought it was just another bottle before he opened it for his 50th !
Star rank:
Steve Sharpe (30/06/2011)

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