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Champagne Flutes Made from Different Materials

Champagne flutes have had the same shape for many years, they have a long narrow neck, a stem and a base. The shape is unique and very recognisable; for example the long narrow cup holds the bubbles, so that they do not disperse too quickly, i.e. so that the fizz is held for longer. Nevertheless, the narrow flute opening and the shape of the glass also makes pouring champagne into them much more difficult than wine glasses for example, which have a much wider opening. (To see more about the shape of champagne flutes, check out Champagne Flutes and Their Shape article). To reduce the chances of spillage, champagne can be poured into the flutes slowly. Another good tip; If there are multiple champagne flutes to be filled, then pour a little into each and by the time you get back to the first glass the champagne will have settled and can be filled easily.

Today, champagne flutes are made from many different materials; these include lead crystal, Kwarx Advanced Material, as well as pewter, metal and plastic.

Lead Crystal Champagne Flutes

To make lead crystal champagne flutes, lead oxide is added to the solution. Lead crystal as a product inside a glass results has a number of positive outcomes; for example, when clinked or knocked with the finger or another glass, the lead crystal produces a ringing tone. Without the lead content the ringing tone would sound much duller. In terms of appearance, lead produces a durable strong finish, the lead crystals also give off a shiny silver and sparkling finish, as well as these two factors champagne flutes made of lead crystal produce a high index of refraction. The combination of the above factors makes these lead crystal flutes excellent for personalised gifts, as they can be cut and engraved easily. You can give personalised crystal lead champagne flutes as birthday gifts, wedding presents for the bride and groom as well as engagement gift, which the happy couple can keep and treasure for the rest of their lives.

Kwarx Advanced Material Glass

The Kwarx glass material is stronger than normal glass, with features including that of an appearance similar to glass created from mouth blown glass. Kwarx glasses have no visible mould joints on the stem, or on the foot of the junction. The glass appears very thin and has an almost perfect glass distribution. Kwarx also comes with the following qualities; it is transparent and sparkles similar to lead crystal and it is also very strong. Kwarx is also made of 100% recycled material making it completely environmentally finish. Kwarx glass has purity and a completer transparency with a never ending sparkle, chemical resistance and mechanical strength. The combination of these factors also makes the Kwarx glass fabulous for engraving. Give two Kwarx personalised champagne flutes presented in a gift box as unique birthday gifts and personalised wedding thank you gifts.

Plastic Champagne Flutes

Champagne is an expensive product and drinking the delicious champagne liquid is usually best enjoyed from glass champagne flutes. On occasions, however it may be necessary to drink champagne from plastic flutes, for example when celebrating an event outdoors, such as a birthday or wedding, plastic champagne flutes would be the preferred choice in terms of health and safety concerns. As you can see champagne flutes are made to a variety of specifications using a number of different materials. Give engraved champagne flutes made of Kwarx or Lead Crystal for durable engraved glasses gifts that will last a lifetime and for more disposable events, go for a plastic champagne flute instead.
Date posted: 02/04/2010

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Engraved Pewter Champagne Flute
Great service. Reasonably priced, quick and very helpful.
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Jr (23/05/2016)
Engraved 21st Birthday Champagne Glass Orange
I thought the glasses were beautiful
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Amore Bride and Groom Personalised Champagne Flutes
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Lyn Ousey (28/05/2015)
21st Champagne Glass Engraved with Purple Butterfly, Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne Gift Set in Personalised Box
Thank you for Excellent service will highly recommend.
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Maria Mack (04/02/2015)
Engraved Pewter Champagne Flute
Item was even better than the description. Great quality! Super helpful customer service too!
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