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Buy Birthday Gifts Online with My Help

When you buy gifts do you try and get it done as quickly as you can? More often than not, do you end up spending more than you bargained for, and end up with a gift that you’d perhaps rather not give?

In the past, this situation was a recurring theme in my life – when it came to buying birthday gifts for my family, Secret Santa presents for my friends and Christmas gifts for work colleagues. I went wrong, a lot. I have bought birthday gifts that I knew the intended gift recipient probably wouldn’t like, or be able to use. I am not too un-proud to say either, that in the past I re-gifted a number of birthday presents and Christmas gifts I’d received - again, which I knew the intended gift recipient would have no use for! Let’s be honest, the gift that I re-gifted, was probably re-gifted to me anyway – I was continuing the cycle!!!

Let me Help with Gifts

Let me introduce myself, my name is Sabina and I am 24 years old and work as marketer and teacher. Nowadays, I don’t have this issue with buying gifts online or on the high street that people don’t want or need. One day, about a year ago I decided that I no longer wanted to give presents that would be re-gifted. I wanted my present to be kept and remembered for years to come, which was around about the time that I was persuaded that personalised birthday gifts were the way to do this.

I have been working for WineGifts4U for about 3 years by this point. The online gift shop predominantly provided wine gifts and champagne gifts online in the UK, which was fine – we had a good selection of wine gifts and champagne gifts to choose from including personalised wine, personalised champagne, as well as engraved champagne and engraved wine. We also had some wine gift sets and champagne sets for customers, who were looking for corporate gifts for example. This worked pretty well. However, I wasn’t convinced that giving my mum a bottle of personalised champagne as a birthday present would be ideal – the key factor to this is that she doesn’t drink! So I worked for an online gift shop, who were selling birthday presents, but none of which I could give to my parents or to children (as Christening gifts or birthday gifts either). So, at every birthday, Christmas and any other gift giving occasion, I had to spend time trying to find the perfect gift elsewhere, but never getting anywhere.

I re-gifted bath stuff as birthday presents, which I justified by the fact that we don’t have a bath at home, only a standing shower cubicle... I also re-gifted liquor chocolates, because they just taste vile – not a good time for me!

WineGifts4U also realised that this was a problem; fabulous if someone is looking for specific wine gifts, such as personalised wine, wine gift sets, or engraved wine. Also perfect if someone is looking for specific champagne gifts too, such as engraved champagne, personalised champagne, engraved flutes or champagne gifts for birthday; but what about those occasions where alcohol would be an inappropriate gift, or for those gift recipients who do not drink? For these reasons, the company decided to expand it’s range of birthday gift ideas. Check out the complete range; I am now sure this range will ensure I never re-gift an unwanted gift again, and also that my birthday present to friends and family will never be re-gifted. The selection includes personalised birthday gifts, as well as engraved birthday frames, engraved birthday flutes. You will also see that the gifts are split up by him and her, as well as ages too.

Date posted: 02/03/2011

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