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Gift Articles - Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday Champagne Gifts

Help friends and family to celebrate their special birthday in style with Champagne Gifts. Give a bottle of birthday champagne, which could be a bottle of classic brand champagne, a bottle of Personalised Birthday Champagne, some engraved champagne, which would be perfect for a luxury birthday gift, or even a champagne gift set with some engraved flutes for an extra special birthday present idea.

As you can see the ideas for birthday champagne are fairly wide - it depends on your budget and the ostentatiousness you wish to go for. This article focuses on champagne gifts for birthday, which cost less than 50 pounds.

Birthday Champagne for Under £50

If you consider what champagne is; a sparkling wine produced in the Champagne region in North Eastern France, which has controlled production quotas you will understand why it is so expensive. Even if you purchase a bottle of French house champagne, you won''t get much change left over from 35 pounds. After house champagne, the next type of birthday champagne gift idea you might like to go for would a bottle of brand champagne - these are particularly apt for friends and family who like brands. You could purchase a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne at the higher end of the brand champagne scale, or something like an equally delicious, but much more affordable Lanson Black Label Champagne at the lower end in terms of price on the brand bubbly scale.

If you would like to give personalised birthday gifts, then something like a bottle of personalised birthday champagne would be perfect - there are three options for personalised champagne:

1. Design Your Own Champagne - this option allows you to upload a photograph or use some of our fun graphics to Design Your Own Label, as well as add a personalised message. Once you are happy with your final label design, you choose the type of champagne including standard or rose bubbly bottles, (or sparkling wine if you are on a really tight budget) and we shall then attach your label to a bottle of our every day drinking champagne.

2. Engraved Champagne is another fabulous birthday champagne gift idea - it is much more luxurious than a bottle of design your own champagne as your message is actually engraved into the glass on the front face of the bottle. Please Note: it is not currently possible to add an image or photograph onto bottles of engraved champagne.

3. Our Personalised Birthday Champagne option provides you with loads of labels with birthday themed designs on them - they have been created for all the landmark birthdays including 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th and 70th birthdays, but there are also lots of general birthday champagne labels, which are ideal for all the other birthdays in between and beyond.

Hopefully this article helps to persuade you that a champagne gift is perfect to give to friends and family as birthday presents. You can choose house French champagne for one of the most affordable champagne gifts, brand champagne to give to people who like brands; personalised champagne and engraved champagne for unusual personalised birthday gifts.

For more birthday champagne idea, check out the following resources:

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Date posted: 10/02/2011

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