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Asti Sparkling Wine

We just wanted to give you a little bit of information about Asti - a really popular sweet Italian sparkling wine. Please read on!

Asti is a sweet sparkling wine which is produced in in the Piedmont region, south east of Turin. The wine gets it's name from Asti, the town where it is predominantly produced.

In the past, Asti was known as Asti Spumante: Sparkling Wine from Asti, but today, the sparkling Italian wine better known as Asti. It is made 100% from the Moscato Bianco grape.

In terms of production, Asti uses the Charmat method which gets the carbon dioxide into the wine. Instead of the secondary fermentation being in the bottle (as is often the case with champagne and cava production) Asti undergoes the secondary fermentation in large tanks, and the wine is then bottled under pressure. This particular method of sparkling wine productions produces small, longer-lasting bubbles, which is why Asti is a popular wine.

After harvest, the grapes are crushed and the juice is collected in large stainless steel tanks. Inside the vats, the temperature is lowered, so that fermentation stops. The tanks are pressurised, the temperature begins to increase, which starts fermentation. Carbon dioxide is then trapped in the wine. The alcohol content in Asti is usually between 7% and 9%. As not all the sugar is turned into alcohol, some of the sweetness from the sugar still remains in the wine, which gives in that well-loved sweetness.

Asti is a sparkling wine that is best enjoyed young. The wine has a distinctive floral aroma as well as notes of ripe peaches and apricots which add to Asti's charm. If you are looking for food to pair Asti with try spicy food, salads and puddings, which complement the slightly sweet white Asti really well due to the low levels of acidity found in the wine.

Why not give Asti as a wine gift? We have lots of Asti Wine Sets to buy online, which make perfect gifts for friends and family who drink sweeter wines.

Date posted: 27/01/2012

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Asti Sparkling Wine
Asti makes fabulous wine gifts, give a bottle as part of a gift set.

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