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Gift Articles - May 2010

Give Engraved Flutes as a Personalised Gift
Have you been invited to another birthday, wedding, engagement or anniversary party this summer? Although the fore mentioned occasions are often fun and entertaining, a time to meet old friends and ma
Shop for a Flutes Set for Fathers Day
If your dad, or a dad you know delights in drinking sparkling wine and champagne after a hard days work, make sure he is drinking out of the right type of champagne flutes.
My Only Regret in Life is that I did not Drink Enough Champagne and other Champagne Quotations
Please Note: Some of these champagne quotations are likely to make you chuckle or laugh fairly loudly outloud. It is not advised to read these quotations whilst driving, sleeping or working. You have
Give and Receive Champagne Gifts Equally
Champagne is perfect at weddings, engagement and birthday parties too, because champagne is traditionally associated with celebrations, such as the occasions just mentioned as well as things like anni
How to Serve Champagne and Wine
Both young and old enjoy entertaining friends or family members, whether this is at a casual barbecue during the height of summer, or a DVD night snuggled close by the fire in the midst of winter. Som
How to Give an Engraved Frame as an 18th Birthday Gift
The title of this article kind of gives the theme away! The reason for this article focused on engraved frames and 18th birthday gifts is the little fact that quite often buying a birthday present for
18th Birthday Gifts with a Unique and Personal Touch
Give 18th birthday gifts that are special and unique, such as personalised 18th birthday presents. See the article for some more ideas.
Give an Engraved Zippo as a Gift
Did you know that engraved zippo lighters have a lifetime guarantee? They are personalised gifts that are useful and made for keeping!
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