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Gift Articles - Jan 2010

So you think you are a wine buff
Wine Quiz
How to Get the perfect Valentines Gift for your boyfriend
Are you still looking for the perfect Valentine's gift for a boyfriend? Here are a few tips on creating some more personalised and thoughtful Valentine's gifts for the special boy or man in your life
The Origin of Gift Giving
We all give gifts all the time. Whether we realize it or not, however haven't you ever stopped to think about the origin of this gift giving ritual? While you may think that gift giving isn't really t
The role of mothers in different religions and why mothers day should not be religion sensitive
Mother's Day in my opinion is not just some commerical gimic, it is actually a very important day. Although everyday should be Mother's
Mothers Day made to run smoothly
Planning ahead for Mother’s Day helps make the occasion delightful, fun and relaxing.
Gift ideas that are interesting and unique
Gifts can often be pretty boring. I’m sure you’ve seen every Christmas that company’s such as Boots and Sainsbury’s start to sell gift sets of “fragrances” or “cooking utensils”. And that’s fine for s
How can you make every day Valentines Day
To some people Valentines Day is seen as commercial crock. They don’t see the point in it because they think if you can’t be romantic throughout the year then why bother for just one day out of the ye
Picking out the perfect bottle gift for a host or hostess
It’s only good manners to take a gift or something when you are a guest in somebody’s home, especially at events such as a dinner party or a birthday bash. Most people enjoy appreciate a bottle gift o
Our Champagne Review
We use two types of champagne for our personalised and engraved champagne gifts and as there isn’t really anywhere which gives you a feel for what the delicious nectar tastes like, we thought we would
The ideal Valentines Day and Valentines Day Gift on a Budget
Some interesting and affordable ways to celebrate Valentines Day on a budget.
What does Valentines Day mean to people
I have never understood why people make such a big deal out of Valentines Day. I don’t like it. I’m one of these people that like to be made a “fuss” of all the time.
Californian White Zinfandel Rose Review
With summer less than 6 months away, a time during which many functions take place, such as weddings, barbeques, summer balls and parties.
For those people who do not like Valentines Day
For me Valentine’s Day is a very commercial holiday… I don’t like the falseness about it. If you can’t be loving the rest of the year then why should this one day count at all? If you love someone and
Buy Valentines Gifts Online
Those of you who hate shopping in the high street, or generally walking around shops with hoards of bags in your hands will appreciate internet sites with great Valentine's Day gifts. They're perfect
Mothers Day Gift Traditions
Mothers Day falls on the 14th March in 2010. Mothers day is celebrated throughout the world, but falls on different days and months in various countries.
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