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Gift Articles - Personalised 18th Birthday Presents

18th Birthday Gifts with a Unique and Personal Touch

18th Birthday Gifts

An 18th birthday is a significant occasion in someone's life with children waiting what seems like forever to get to this esteemed birthday. Being 18 means the birthday boy or birthday girl is able to drink legally, vote and generally be classed as an adult within society. An 18th birthday, like other landmark birthdays is a time where they are likely to receive many presents and gifts from friends and family members. Quite often these gifts will lack in uniqueness and creativity, a teddy bear with the number 18 on the shirt, or an 18th birthday key from a card shop that will most likely be thrown out after the year is up. Why not give 18th birthday presents with a difference for someone you know? Step outside of your comfort zone and find an unusual, unique and special gift that will make their day, year and even life that little more fun.

If you're looking for a traditional birthday gift, such as a birthday frame, why not make it personal? Buying any old frame off the shelf of your local department store doesn't have the same effect as an engraved frame. Engraved birthday frames will allow you to add the name of the lucky birthday boy, or birthday girl, as well as the date of their birthday plus a little quotation or fun message from you. This is a great personalised gift that we are sure the gift recipient will love. To make it even more special add your own photo in to the photo frame before wrapping and presenting to the lucky 18 year old boy or girl.

At the age of 18 many people will subconsciously start think about the future and therefore also start saving for the future. 18 is an age where people have a lot to look forward to this includes enrolling in a university, a college and even moving out of the parental home. Young people are often also thought of as wreckless when it comes to money, why not get an engraved money box as an 18th birthday gift as a funky personalised 18th birthday presents to help the guy or girl save up for the finer things in life? (which could also include shoes, nail polish and clothes too!)

Personalised gifts make very trendy and birthday presents. They have a tendency to make the gift recipient feel special, especially in contrast to many of the 18th birthday presents found on the high street. 18th birthday champagne glasses, teddy bears and conventional gift sets can often be quite boring and predictable. Why not give some engraved birthday flutes or a personalised teddy bear that you have designed yourself? These personalised gift gestures of individuality will make for a present that will always be kept and remembered due to the personal factor.

For a unique 18th birthday gift for her, why not consider getting an engraved gift, such as a beautiful engraved compact mirror? To which you can add a special 18th birthday message engraved directly onto the silver plated surface. This type of personalised gift is touching and special, yet is something different from traditional engraved gifts; it is of practical use to a modern woman and we believe it is likely to be greatly appreciated. 18th birthdays are important events and so you may wish to get something that will last a lifetime. 18th birthday presents are easy to find, yet many lack uniqueness and that special personal touch. This year for a friend or family member's 18th birthday move away from the well trodden path; give an engraved birthday frame or a birthday set of engraved flutes for example - and you will find some unique, personalised 18th birthday gifts that the lucky recipient will remember for years to come. There is a wide selection of personalised and unique gifts out there that will stand out from the rest and get you in to someone's good books.
Date posted: 10/05/2010

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Engraved Pink Champagne, Wooden Bottle Box
Excellent and helpful service.
Star rank:
Suze (04/07/2016)
Personalised Moet Magnum
An excellent quality product delivered on time and well packaged. Well impressed
Star rank:
Darren Mcnally (22/03/2016)
Personalised Moet Magnum
Excellent service and product is excellent, such a great gift idea. Will recommend for sure !
Star rank:
Dalia Shawki (25/12/2015)
Personalised Veuve Clicquot Magnum Champagne
Having something engraved is a risk - but there was nothing to worry about. Classy and elegant result on a bottle of Veuve Cliquot. Thank you.
Star rank:
Louisey (15/07/2015)
Personalised Pink Moet 75cl
Excellent service and the product is excellent quality - speedy delivery. Fantastic
Star rank:
Sara (21/05/2015)

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